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  1. Yeti Sports Penguin Hit (11777 times)
  2. YetiSports 8 - Jungle Swing (10857 times)
  3. Mr Flacit's Word Search (9123 times)
  4. Super Flash Mario Bros (6556 times)
  5. BetHiLow Streak (6221 times)
  6. Flash Element TD (5907 times)
  7. Fight Man (5600 times)
  8. Formula Fun (5399 times)
  9. Looney Tunes Mahjong (5032 times)
  10. Crazy Shuttle (4978 times)

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  1. TasosP (31 wins)
  2. FeArLeSsMM (30 wins)
  3. RageMM (22 wins)
  4. Honingbeer (15 wins)
  5. xxparalumanxx (13 wins)
  6. esterminador3 (11 wins)
  7. VIPER (8 wins)
  8. Belron (8 wins)
  9. EddieJoe (6 wins)
  10. marcoooo (6 wins)

Top Score Games > Shooting Games

007 Everything or Nothing
Take out the enemy as quick as you can to gain maximum points.
Played: 1,402
Defeat the enemies and claim to be the world's best pilot.
Played: 2,313
2D Shootout
Shoot anything that moves.
Played: 1,445
30k Starfighter
Do some shooting in space and do not get yourself killed.
Played: 1,612
Air Invasion
You take a role of a commando. Your task is to defend military base situated ...
Played: 1,293
Throw snowballs at the moose.
Played: 1,677
Americas Army
Nice Shooting Game
Played: 2,032
Backyard Shootout
Bad guys are in your backyard, get rid of them.
Played: 1,921
Bad Guys II
The enemy has occupied this area, waste as many bad guys you can before they ...
Played: 1,718
Barry Potter
Harrys evil twin, Barry, doesn't like owls.
Played: 1,666
Score 501 in as few darts as possible.
Played: 1,951
Captin Zero
Human's Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet Zorgius. Leg...
Played: 1,293
Caveman Run
Use your stonezooka to survive in this lethal world.
Played: 1,769
Chicken Shootout
How many chickens can you shoot in 45 seconds?
Played: 1,741
Clown Killer
Nobody likes clowns, so do what should have been don long-long time ago.
Played: 2,133
Conquer Antartica
Command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the Antarctica ice ter...
Played: 1,859
Counterstrike Lite
Flash version of popular shooting game.
Played: 1,799
Crazy Battle
Shoot the enemies to score points.
Played: 1,713
Duck Hunter
Shoot as many ducks as you can in 3 mins
Played: 1,682
Fire At Will
Shoot as many targets as you can in short time.
Played: 1,815
Flash Astroids
Good old asteroids sooting game.
Played: 1,685
Frantic Killer
Kill all the bad stickies.
Played: 2,096
GI Joe Mantis Attack
Guide Joe Mantis through mined waters and attack the incoming enemy.
Played: 1,708
Hollywood Buzz
Zapp the celebrities with your remote to gain points.
Played: 1,437
Invasion of the Galactic Goobers
Galactic goobers are trying to invade your planet, you have got to stop them.
Played: 1,839
Jail Escaper
Some bad men are escaping from jail again, shoot them before they shoot you.
Played: 1,708
Little Johns Archery
Do each trick shot before the time runs out.
Played: 1,481
Metal Slug Flash
Kill bad guys.
Played: 1,453
Showdown At Santas
Help Timmy fend off the angry elves and jelous holidays to keep Santas Magic ...
Played: 4,153
Space Rider
Get on your space scooter and go save the universe.
Played: 1,616